Interval Footswitch

Hands-free sound control
La maîtrise du son les mains libres

Control a Behringer digital mixer​

Footswitch with embbeded software modules that connect wirelessly or ethernet to the digital mixer and allow each member of the band to manage his own mix.! This product is a good hardware companion to existing solutions (Mixing station, Xedit, X-Touch) as it is controlled using the foot, directly by the musicians, which provides additional comfort for them as well as for the sound managers.

Watch it in action!​

Info: the model presented in the video can be different than the current version but features remains the same​

The next step in remote control!​

The footswitch can connect all Xair , XR and X familiy. Altought it is not tested on M(idas) series, it should also be compatible

The Footswitch propose the following Software Modules :

  • The USB player  : works for XR12, XR16 & X32 and allow you to trigger WAV player
  • The Snapshot loader : allow to instantly load scene or snapshot
  • The 5 strips controler : these module have each 12 strips which are fully customizable to fit user need

Strip contoler modules are pre-configured  as following:

  • Myself“:  usefull when you want to control your own channel on your own monitor and to the front
  • Others“: allow you to control channels sends to your monitor
  • FX“: control FX sends to your your monitor
  • FX Delay“: control the “time” for FX that have such parameter
  • Custom“:  base module if you like to start from scratch with 12 configurable strips.

Notice that these pre-configuration are here to help as a starting point but module can be renamed and fully re-configured according to your own need. 

  • Both Ethernet and WiFi (2.4GhZ only) Connectivity are proposed. It is advised to use a router or switch to connect the mixer.
  • Periodic firmware update are available that can be installed automatically or from the web application
  • Autonomy is around 20h. Charging is performed by a standard 5V USB cable

  • Automation can be performed using macro. The basic principle of macro is that it records everything that happens on the mixer during a certain period of time to be able to replay it at a later stage.
  • Footswitch can connect internet to get automated update/licences and other features (provided the network it is connected to has web connectivity)
  • Data are synchronised real time bi-directionally with the mixer and any other device
  • Configuration is performed using a web application from any computer or mobile device. You can see a demo here
  • You can save multiple user profile and configuration and switch easily between them

Available strips​

A strip represents a channel, an FX, a Bus or other feature like a Gain. Strips are user defined and can be defined for all modules

Full automation with macro

The basic principle of macro is that it records everything that happens on the mixer during a certain period of time to be able to replay it at a later stage.


Limited quantity are offered as the production is at very small scale. No risk: you have 14 days to test the footswitch and if you are not happy, you can send it back and be refunded! (see our terms & conditions)

Use cases​

Radio technician at France Bleu Maine for two years, we are a radio station of the Radio France group. Our role in this radio is the broadcasting and production of live programs, voice recording for commercials or music groups that we mix for broadcasting. We use the footswitch as part of our "exteriors", what we call "exterior" is moving our studio to events such as the Le Mans fair. What I found interesting with this product is first of all its appearance with its screen which despite its size is readable and clear. The second advantage is that it is completely configurable, you can change the number of menus with what they compose in it and create automations easily via an ftp site.
We are a band with 2 guitars, 1 singer, 1 bass and 1 drum. The issue we faced is that we have no sound engineer and the drummer has to take care of the mix using a dedicated laptop + Xedit. Altought this works great, it was difficult to focus on the mix while playing. Therefore we thought other bands could have the same need and we started the collaboration to develop the product. That's why the footswitch has been given our name ​
I use it to control the FOH mix and the delay on vocal (TAP) during the rehearsals. Because of the Covid, we haven’t had the chance to play live with it. It’s great to be able to adjust the FOH mix without having to stop playing guitar as we don’t always have a dedicated sound engineer. Some songs are more dynamic and the bass player can easily bury the vocals and guitars by playing harder in the midst of the action ; now I can lower his volume without asking him to play more gently… J


The footswitch is fully configurable via web application. Updates can also be done automatically remotely or locally. Try it !