Last firmware

Heads up: despite all effort we have made to make the upgrade transparent, it may impact your current settings & configuration. It is advised to make a backup of them before upgrading and check them after the process. Refer to user guide. 

Latest version / Dernière version

---------> v1.31<----------

Toutes les versions / All versions:

Update procedure

Method 1 : With internet connection

  1. Make sure the footswitch is linked to the internet through its WiFi or Ethernet connection then enter the footswitch menu by holding both left and right buttons (pressed simultaneously)
  2. Select the “Internet” icon then the green activation icon
  3. Turn off and on the footswitch, press the center button when the update message appears

ps: once the update has been completed, we recommend you to deactivate internet access (choose the red deactivation icon in step 2).

Method 2: Without internet connection

  1. From your PC, connect to and download the latest version available (link at the top of the page, in principle the file is called x.yz.fsar)
  2. Enter the footswitch menu by holding both right/left buttons (pressed simultaneously) then choose the “configuration” icon
  3. Connect the PC (on which you downloaded the software) to the footswitch/mixer network and open a browser at the address indicated by the footswitch. In the “System” tab, click on “Select file” then pick up the one you downloaded previously (x.yz.fsar).

Recovery procedure

Instructions to download and execute the recovery flash utility in case of failed update or if the software do not restart.